GOJO Messenger™ Freestanding Floor Stand in Graphite with Silver Panel

Product Details

  •  Includes PURELL® ES8 Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Graphite
  •  May be personalized with your message on the front and back of the stand
  •  Accessorize with the Small PURELL MESSENGER™ Stand Signs or the Hygiene Bracket
  •  Chosen by consumers as a more sleek and modern design when compared to leading touch-free floor stands on the market
  •  Low profile baseplate designed to maximize stability
  •  Lightweight and easily moved when cleaning the facility
  •  Silver baseplate hides dirt and always looks good
  •  Accessorize with the Small PURELL MESSENGER™ Stand Signs
  •  Uses PURELL® ES8 1200mL Hand Sanitizer refills
  •  SANITARY SEALED™ PET refill bottle with the tear-off collar for easy recyclability
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