Sector Worksurface Screens

Now more than ever, our workspaces should be safe — free from distractions, contagions and anything that gets in the way of productivity. This collection of clear and frosted acrylic screens stands ready to provide the privacy, protection and peace of mind you need in a landscape where the way we interact changes every day. 



  • Frosted acrylic provides essential privacy while clear acrylic allows for safe social interactions
  • High-performing, resilient acrylic surfaces can withstand some of the most powerful cleaners and disinfectants, including a full range of EPA-approved COVID-19 products (
  • Lightweight material offers greater resistance to impact compared to glass alternatives
  • Height options include 12, 18, and 24 inches; 30 inches available for midway and height-adjustable table mounts
  • Width options range from 17 to 72 inches (in six-inch increments)
  • Compatible with most mounts, including edge, middle, top, midway, freestanding, panel and height-adjustable

Screen Types


Privacy + Modesty

Modesty (Frosted Acrylic Only)

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