Simple V Shape Table

Looking for an economic solution for a videconferencing table? Want to have the flexibility to hold in-person and telepresence meetings? Look no further than this v-shaped conference room table. It has a 30" work surface, 7 power and data units, in addition to a modern aesthetic that doesn't get in the way. The base has removable panels for wire management. The entire table is made with laminate surfaces, for easy cleaning and enhanced durability.

If you’re interested in this Datascapes table, don’t hesitate to contact our design experts. We can create a modern videoconference table that mimics this design completely or we can customize it to your liking. We’ll help you design your custom conference table look, from the wood we use to the details we include.

This is a custom product and is available in many finishes and sizes. Prices will vary.

Conference Table Details
Dimensions 238" x 126"
Function Videoconference
Cost Group Standard
Shape U-Shaped, V-Shaped
Size / # of Users Seats fewer than 10, Seats 10 – 14
Style Modern / Contemporary, White / Gray, Black
Materials Laminate
Client Business & Manufacturing
Social Distancing Wide / Longer, U and V Shaped, Easy Clean
Finish Laminate


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