Tables with Logos

The Ultimate Way to Customize

“The logo is incredible. Everyone who comes in the room is amazed at how great the table looks.”

At Paul Downs, our experts can incorporate your organization’s logo into your custom conference table. There are five ways to do this: inlaying, where the logo is made up of individual pieces of wood; overlaying, where a printed vinyl panel is applied to the finished wood surface; custom printed laminate, where we take any kind of complex graphic and have it made into a high durability laminate sheet;  carving, where the logo is a shaped and colored inlay panel; and engraving, where the logo is burned into the table top.

Please contact us to discuss your options for submitting your logo. We will recommend which process will work best for you. We need a high-quality graphic file to work with – preferably a vector image, but we can also work with .eps or very high resolution .jpg file.

This is a custom product and is available in many finishes and sizes. Prices will vary.

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