Gravity Series, Apex & Maverick Complete | GR8

Apex Rectangular Conference Tabletop : Desert Walnut | Reef Power Unit : Silver Square Panel Base : Charcoal w/ Plinth Base Silver | Tapered Metal Legs : Black | Trough Box : Black Buffet Credenza : Black | Drawer/Door Fronts : Desert Walnut | H10S Silver Handles

1 APRE48120 Rectangular Conf Table Top, Sq. Corners 48Dx120Wx13/4H

2 GROTL24 Tapered Metal Leg 24Dx2Wx28H (GRULEGB)

1 MMLEGMP1324WD Sq. Panel Base w/ End Access Door & Plinth Base 13Dx24Wx28H

1 MMCUT3 Base Notch Out For Power Management Unit MMRPMU16S

2 APWMT Wire Management Trough Box

1 MMRPMU16S Metal Reef Power Management Unit, Silver

1 MCHDBC2072 Buffet Credenza 4-Box Drawers/4-Hinged Doors 20Dx72Wx36H (H10S Silver Handles)

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