This set incorporates one of our favorite tricks: combine a bunch of simple, rectangular modular conference tables with one that is a more complex shape. This allows for a large number of configurations, including the V-shaped conference room table shown in the thumbnail, as well as squares, rectangles, and rows of tables for training sessions. There are 9 modern conference tables in this set: 8 sized at 72 x 36, and one polygon, 96" wide x 42" deep. The innovative conference tables are made of laminate, with a matching PVC edge. Each contains an ECA Daisylink power unit. Folding bases make storage and reconfiguration an easy task for one person.


Conference Table Details
Dimensions Variable x Variable
Function Boardroom, Modular, AV Integration, Reconfigurable, Videoconference
Cost Group Standard
Shape U-Shaped, V-Shaped, Open Center
Size / # of Users Seats fewer than 10, Seats 18 – 22
Style Modern / Contemporary
Materials Laminate, Metal
Client Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals
Social Distancing U and V Shaped, Open Center, Easy Clean
Most Popular Most Popular
Finish Laminate
Edge Style PVC
Base Type Folding Modular
Data Ports ECA Daisy Chain

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