Gravity Series | GR2R

Desk Shell & Returns : Beachwood | Drawer Fronts : Majestic White Spacers & Mount Clips : Silver | Tapered Feet : Silver | H3S Silver Handles Tackable Fabric Privacy Screens : Anchorage 2335 Sunshine 2082

Where the forces of design and function are drawn together. Create the perfect environment in a corporate, home or an open plan office.

Made in the USA at our state of the art facilities in California and Ohio.

Qty Model No. Description

3 GRN3072 Desk Shell Rectangular Top 1/2 Mod Panel 30Dx72Wx29H (1-stabilizer bar GRSB72 ea.)

3 GRRE2448R Return Rectangular Top No Modesty, Right P/B/F 24Dx48Wx29H (H3S Silver Handles)

3 GRPSTB7218 Tackable Fabric Privacy Screen 1/2Dx65Wx185/8H

3 GRPSTB3018 Tackable Fabric Privacy Screen 1/2Dx23Wx185/8H

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