Gravity Series | GR6

Tops : Amber | Markerboard Privacy Screens : Blue w/ Amber Edge | HPL Modesty Panels : Starry Night w/ Mount Clips Silver Low Credenzas & Single Storage Cabinets : Majestic White | Drawer/Door Fronts : Amber | H10S Silver Handles Wallmount Shelves : Majestic White | Spacers, Tapered Metal Legs & Tapered Feet : White

2 GRRW3072 Rectangular Top Square Corners 30Dx72Wx1H

2 GOTL30 Tapered Metal Leg 30Dx2Wx28H

2 GRPSMB7218 Makerboard Privacy Screen 1/2Dx65Wx185/8H

2 GRPSHP7212 HPL Modesty Panel 3/4Dx65Wx125/8H

4 GRSB72 Stabilizer Bar 56”W (For GRRW3072 two ea.)

1 GRSSBL2072R Support Low Credenza Right Box/Lat File/Left Bookcase Top w/ Spacers 20Dx72Wx261/8H (H10S Silver Handles)

1 GRSSBL2072L Support Low Credenza Left Box/Lat File/Right Bookcase Top w/ Spacers 20Dx72Wx261/8H (H10S Silver Handles)

1 GRSTS2065R Single Storage Cabinet Right Door 20Dx16Wx65H (H10S Silver Handles)

1 GRSTS2065L Single Storage Cabinet Left Door 20Dx16Wx65H (H10S Silver Handles)

2 GRCFOS36 Wallmount Shelf w/ Back Panel 11Dx36Wx173/4H (shelf 10D)

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